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She Lives In A Daydream

'Robin? Hey, Robin do you have red breasts?'

Heard it and oh you're so orginal it hurts. Who knew there was even such a thing as Robin jokes but there you go.

Now, someone direct me to a big ole bowl of noodles, thank you.

Robin Wench | 6th Year | Hufflepuff | Half Blood

Once upon a time there was a girl,
You wouldn't really call her typical,
Had her own definition of cool,
She lived in her own world.

you wouldn't want to go under my bed
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goddess of everything
queen bamf


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UnknownThe Macarena by UnknownLos Del Rio
( UnknownMacarena Remix by The Bayside Boys )
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30 Day Music Challenge
Day 18: A Song From The Year You Were Born

Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix) - Los Del Rio

UnknownShe Had The World by UnknownPanic! At The Disco
( UnknownPretty. Odd. )
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30 Day Music Challenge
Day 20: A Song That Has Many Meanings To You

She Had The World- Panic! At The Disco

I think Crystal in general is such a great actress and she can play anything. I’d love to see her in a more physical role, but then I think she’s just such a sweet face and so beautiful that it would be a natural move to see her go toward romantic comedy. I would love to see her go towards a badass action movie. I don’t know if that’s what she’ll do, but I would love to see that. - Jill Wagner

*aggressive sobbing*

Thanks, Dumbledore…



Ah, that means a lot, it really does. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I know, I know, I’m fantastic.